Flow Records Release Info

FLR1428EP - Zen Lemonade - Addiction EP
  • Release Date: February 03 2014
  • Catalogue Number: FLR1428EP
  • Style: Progressive, Trance, Techno,
  • Format: Digital
  • Type: EP
  • Distribution: Proton

FLR1428EP - Zen Lemonade - Addiction EP

Zen Lemonade is the project of Uk Psy-Trance pioneer Gus Till and Japanese female producer Supercozi. Their debut album ‘Lemon Soul’ was released from Uk legend Dragonfly Records in 2002 and their unique mix of Psychedelic and Progressive Trance styles instantly gained them critical acclaim. Their second album, focusing mainly on downbeat production was released in 2009 from Greek label ‘Electronic Soundscapes’. They have been playing at festivals and parties around the world as either a trance or downbeat act. After a break of 10 years on dancefloor related music, they just released an ep on Wakyo´s label and now the follow up on Flow Records with Addiction. Addiction is a heavy builder rolling bassline deep progressive track with some twisted vocal bits inducing us to that super cool psychedelic sound Gus and Cozy used us too…Just a massive comeback and we thak them for that. Complementing the Ep, a James Monro,  Andrea Bertolini and Manu Ferrantini remix. James turns the track into a dubbed up groove, slowly evolving in the break to an acidic madness, just pure twisted dancefloor from the Flying Rhino pioneer. Italian maestro Andrea Bertolini, which you normally see in countless albums, comps and various eps from Iboga, Tribal Vision, etc, manipulates the original into a pumping progressive but still deep vibe, perfect for those afternoon open air festivals. Following this, their long awaited second dance album in 11 years is on the way so stay tune


Mat D-sens (Bus /Baroque/Flow/Miniatures) Zen lemonade remix is fucking dope !!! and James made a killer too ;)

Ipcress / Nanoplex (Flow, Shifty Disco) Awesome rmx from James Monro, will be playing next week @ Origin Festival.

Simon Baring (Neon, Nano, Twisted) Monro and Bertolini mixes are fantastic…. Wavs please!!  Also liking the Ferrantini mix as well… nice and edgy but harder to play I think…

Sonya Bailey (ManMadeMan) Loving James remix

Tongue and Groove Loving the James Monro Remix…..

Kenny Substance (Pure Substance / Redflux Cinnabar / Ohrwurm KL) Both james and andrea remix is my pick.

Aden (Flow rec.) James Monro ‘s rework is my pick. Nice progressive package.

Ramiro Puente like it!

Blue Amazon (Convert Recordings) another great release, really like the original

Trevor Walton - Wav’s I’d be really happy!!!


  1. Zen Lemonade - Addiction (Original Mix)
  2. Zen Lemonade - Addiction (James Monro Remix)
  3. Zen Lemonade - Addiction (Andrea Bertolini Remix)
  4. Zen Lemonade - Addiction (Manu Ferrantini Remix)