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Born and raised in the small island of Malta in the centre of the Mediterranean. Got interested in the art of djing at the age of 12 and soon started fiddling around with any piece of electronic equipment he could find, A few years later he got into the world of music creation.

Released his first EP in mid 2007 and it follow up three months later already gaining support from some major djs. Joined Stripped Recordings (Stated as label of the year by Sasha) in April ‘09 and released another two EP’s and a number of remixes. Early in 2010, Deepfunk was requested to join a new label, Silence Through Music to release a number of original tracks and remixes alongside artists like Way Out West, Charlie May I Spooky, Guy J, Jim Rivers. Chris Fortier, Quivver, luis Junior, Robert Babicz and more.

His tracks are constantly being played and supported by artists like John Digweed, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Sasha and Henry Saiz just to name a few.

Deepfunk has played alongside James Holden, Guy J, Charlie May, John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Henry Saiz, Fairmont, Nathan Fake and Sasha amongst others and has toured Argentina and had other gigs in The Netherlands and Greece. Already releasing music on various big labels like Bedrock, Sudbeat, Silence Through Music, Subtract, Mesmeric, Flow and also collaborating with other artists including Kasey Voorn, D-Pen and Marcelo Vasami.

Malcolm keeps himself constantly emerged in the world of electronic music, in the studio, DJing and listening to a wide variety of music to better his sound. Not only impressing the crowd with his productions, he also delivers mind blowing live performances and DJ sets making it sound unique every time, With an ever-expanding career and zest for pushing electronic music forward, Deepfunk is definitely one to watch.

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