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KIN Live

After a demanding summer, performing and sharing the stage with some of the most important artists in the psychedelic scene!
Francisco Oliveira is the face behind KIN, a blasting sonic experience that will open the most concealed of doors in your musical perception.

Starting his career in the dawn of the new millennium as part of psychedelic progressive trance pioneer duo, Spectra, Francisco has crafted some brilliant solo tunes but has also had powerful collaborations with first-class Psy-trance gurus, such has X-noise/Major7, Neelix, Sonic Species, Techyon and Menog.
His ascension has seen the vibrations shaped in KIN studios percolate to some major labels on the circuit, such has Nutekk Records, IONO Music, Phantasm Records, Planet B.E.N., Spectral Records, Magnitud Records, and Digital Freedom.

His perseverance and the passion he instills in every sound he designs are guarantees that Francisco will be forging timeless and dancefloor grooves for many years to come.

Look out for the clean and fat electrifying rhythms followed by deep ambiences and complemented with heart-touching melodies and harmonies: their frequencies will elevate you to a new level of musical bliss!

Peace, light & power
See you on the dancefloor!!