Flow Vinyl Artist Info


Cardia is just not another DJ. He Is a music lover and most of all, a producer.

Since the very early stages that Music was his greatest passion and he decided to chase his dream, the dream was so big that he moved to New York for 4 years, then a year in Madrid where he was studying sound engineering on one of the most prestigious schools worldwide ( SAE Institute) .

In 2011 launches his first song in a compilation edited by Dj Yellow alongside names such as Alex Arnout, James Teej, Gwen Maze, San Soda , etc ...

He returned to Portugal and since then he focuses solely and exclusively in internationalizing his music, characterized by a deep sound with techno influences and experimental melodies. With a strong musicial personality, when you experience Cardia you will know and understand that this young man has a talent and will be talked about.

Listening to Cardia is a unique experience, a journey through deep techno and experimental melodies. In 2012 launches two songs by Techsoul Records. And later on this year he releases his 1st Ep Mountain Jaguar signed by Composite Records, where he established his position as one of the young promises working on the label, then after signs to Flow Records. Stay Tuned.