Flow Vinyl Artist Info


Smoldering from the infamous Slowburning Studios at the bottom of the South Pacific this sultry electronic duo have been writing captivating beats and storming dance floors across the globe for the past 10 years.
As Antix, brothers Barton and Hayden have toured the world, playing 100?s of live shows, mesmerizing audiences far and wide. With their alias FIORD, there is only one rule – “there are no rules”.

This kind of creative process is quite something, as FIORD unfolds, its sounds reek of a new approach, producing a textured timeless rhythm. Working with these outlaw ethics and a belief of always looking to the future, the results are turning heads.

FIORD sounds have been in high demand seeing the boys headlining many of the big festivals of late. Their famed production has output a string of killer remixes and singles for top notch labels; Audio Therapy, Sprout, Global Underground, Curfew, Flow and eVapour8.

And with support and high praise from all the top jocks the future is definitely moving fiord. The boys strongly believe that the beautiful surroundings and lifestyle of their home New Zealand is greatly influential and reflected in their work, and most would agree.

  Antix-Fiord Live Mashup @ Cere’s Melbourne January 2011 by Antix Music