Flow Vinyl Release Info

Federico Epis - The End
  • Release Date: May 08 2012
  • Catalogue Number: FV041
  • Style: progressive house, melodical techno, techno
  • Format: Digital
  • Type: EP
  • Distribution: Ingrooves

Federico Epis - The End

Federico Epis is no stranger to Flow Vinyl aficionados having remixed the epic ‘Four’ by Triangle in 2010. Since then the Uruguayan producer has gone from strength to strength, and so it’s only fitting that he marks his return to the label with an original track. As the name suggests, ‘The End’ is wonderfully dark and hypnotic groove with church-like synth chords and an eerie vocal sample. This is music stripped back to the bare essentials and then rebuilt to devastating effect.

Australia’s Jamie Stevens, also one third of Infusion, takes ‘The End’ on a more melodic journey giving the keyboards a jazzy flavor and adding extra percussion and vocal effects. Whereas the original is made for deep in the night, there’s a feeling of emerging dawn to the Stevens remix.
A. Balter from Israel heads in a techno direction, meanwhile, giving the main synth extra bite and the whole track more of a metallic quality before unleashing a killer breakdown. The Haifa-based producer may also be familiar for his releases on both Flow Vinyl and sister label Flow Records.
The final remix is provided by PHM from Plovdiv in Bulgaria who is starting to receive major DJ support for his productions. His version concentrates on the bass and percussion to create a funk-driven minimal tech workout that’s packed with invention.


Nick Warren (Hope Recordings, Way Out West)
Jaimies mix is ace


Charlie May, Spooky ()
great release ... support : ) thnx

Stelios Vassiloudis (Bedrock)
Jamie Stevens is one of those producers that is always at least 2-3 steps ahead of the pack. Bastard!

Luis Junior (Bedrock, mooseekaa)
good release!thanks.

Deepfunk (Bedrock, Sudbeat)
Jamie’s mix for me!!

Barry Jamieson (circular sounds)
PHM for me +) Great

mitch alexander (microCastle)
Jamie’s mix is really good. damn cool stuff.

Jamie Stevens (Chameleon|Curfew|Iboga|Get Physical)
Had fun working on this one! the other remixes are very cool!

Wehbba (Tronic)
avishay’s mix is cool,

Re Dupre (Miami Underground & Miami Sessions Rec)
Bitter for me, loved that! by the way, jamie rmx is excellent 2! Excellent ep!

Tim Richards (flow, excentrik, iboga)
another quality elease from a quality label

Kassey Voorn (Bedrock, Cocoon, Sudbeat)
Jamie’s mix! 

Stefan Bauer (progressive-world.at)
jamie stevens mix is awesome!!! PHM mix is a hard hitter too! great!

Arjun Vagale / Jalebee (Excentric )
Jamie Stevens remix is the one

Cid Inc (Replug Records)
Fantastic remix by Jamie!

James Monro (4D/Midnight Ramblers)
Cracking release…jamie doing the do here..very nice indeed! Baltr turns in a goodie aswell…nice one. thnx

Monaque (serge) (Get Physical, microCastle)

Antix, Fiord, Triangle
Awesome, A Balter and JS for me..Chur!!!

Sandra Collins (Perfecto/Frisky Deepsessions)
Jamie Stevens !! support radio & tour thanks : )

Pole Folder (Bedrock, Reworck)
Nice release. Thank you.

Treavor Moontribe
A. Balter mix is right up my alley, thanks

Alex & Filip (Mirabilis, Respekt, Rekluse)
remixes are all strong. Jamie’s one is on top for me!

Federico Epis (GU, Flow)
Absolutelly happy with this release and the chance to be with some great remixers ! thanks Flow for the opportunity

Slam/Orde Melkle (Soma Records / Slam)
will road test for sure - thanx guys


Chris Lake
d/l for lakey as i think he’ll like, i’ll update you if he plays, cheers, steve parry SMP3

Nori (posivision, wax poetics japan)
A.Balter rmx is great!!

Perfect stranger (Digital Structures, Iboga Records)
Amazing vibes from Jamie’s remix, all the remixes are with an adge but his definitely stands out, super duper! The original I couldn’t listen to because of some sort of a bug in the system.. Tried few times   Good luck Penski!

Kasey Taylor (Vapour Recordings/eVapour8)
Jamie all the way. 

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives, Armada)
Jamie Stevens remix sounds like the one I’d most likely use for my sets.

Pablo Acenso (Flow, Balance, GU)
remixes are excellent.. thanks!

really good! orig isnt playing though

Sezer Uysal (Ministry Of Sound)
Jamie mix is really nice, thanks

Thanks a lot for the music! L

Guy J (Bedrock)
Promo not working will download and feedback thnx

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  1. The End (Original)
  2. The End (Jamie Stevens Remix)
  3. The End (A. Balter Remix)
  4. The End (PHM Remix)