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18/02/2020 @ 3:11
Flow 20 Years w/ Rampue and Mira

Flow 20 Years w/ Rampue and Mira

We are back with updated news and whats better than the 20 Years of Flow event to be held on May 2nd, in the beautiful venue a Pateira, in the heart and lungs of Lisbon. All info on the event page and our social media. Tickets here:

Flow Group

Flow Group

The Flow Records story begins in 2000. The label was founded by one of the leading figures in the Portuguese progressive house and trance scene, Joao Garcia. Better known as Pena, he is a popular international DJ in his own right and a four-time Dance Club Mag award winner.

The label showcases the music that Pena has championed throughout his successful career. It is constantly growing and evolving from its roots in psychedelic, techno and progressive trance to the latest cutting edge progressive, house and techno. Flow and its three sister-labels have an extensive catalogue of singles, albums and compilations to their name, and have been a platform for well-known artists and emerging talent equally. The Flow booking agency and events company complete the picture.

Flow Records release and promote the very best in global house, techno, progressive house and trance. The goal is simple: to present high quality dancefloor releases and make the world dance.

We like our music to be unique, creative, deep, hypnotic, trippy and a little twisted. It is music for the dancefloor from dark and subtle melodies to uplifting energy.

Music with passion and soul..


11/06/2013 @ 18:20

Es evidente que Julieta Prandi no es mi amiga: me recomendó que instale #Telecentro