Flow Vinyl Release Info

FV067 - Manuel Sofia Ep
  • Release Date: February 01 2016
  • Catalogue Number: FV067
  • Style: techno, deep house
  • Format: Digital
  • Type: EP
  • Distribution: Proton

FV067 - Manuel Sofia Ep

Flow Vinyl’s first release of 2016, ‘Naiads’ by Manuel Sofia, is one of the label’s finest so far, and a strong statement of intent for the New Year. Originally from Buenos Aires and now based in Barcelona, the Argentinean is a prolific producer with tracks on many of the best progressive house imprints, both under his own name and using the MOS alias. He’s no stranger to Flow either and ‘Naiads’ fits the vibe of the label perfectly. A naiad, by the way, is a creature from Greek mythology, a kind of water nymph, and an apt name for this outstanding release.

This is a track of many shapes and colours, but at its heart lies an elegantly simple bassline and drum beat that underpin all the textures laid on top. Wonderfully produced and loaded with atmosphere, it tells a musical story of changing moods alongside a slow-burning groove with more than enough power for the dancefloor. Mysterious and magnificent in equal measure.

The first remix comes from Sweden’s Marcus Henriksson, one half of Minilogue, Son Kite and Nobody Home, who takes the track on a voyage into trippy deep techno. With its Detroit influences and mesmerising synths, he shows just how exquisite electronic music can be when a producer really sets his imagination free.

The second remix, meanwhile, sees one of the main members of the Flow Vinly family, Pedro Aguiar from Lisbon, strip the original back to its basic ingredients. The essential funk remains and is further enhanced by liquid-style effects. In total, ‘Naiads’ is three sublime pieces of forward-thinking electronica.


  1. Manuel Sofia – Naiads
  2. Manuel Sofia – Naiads (Marcus Henriksson Remix)
  3. Manuel Sofia – Naiads (Pedro Aguiar Remix)