Flow Vinyl Release Info

FV066 - I Hate You - Fault Finder Ep
  • Release Date: December 28 2015
  • Catalogue Number: FV066
  • Style: techno, deep house
  • Format: Digital
  • Type: EP
  • Distribution: Proton

FV066 - I Hate You - Fault Finder Ep

Hot on the heels of ‘11315 Days’ (FV064) comes a second release on Flow Vinyl from I Hate You, the new project and alias from Spanish DJ and producer David Granha. ‘Fault Finder’ takes up from where ‘11315 Days’ left off, and is another stripped back, but mean and moody, dancefloor bomb. There’s no stopping this guy!

Steely percussion and a throbbing bassline provide the ammunition for a track that builds with ever-increasing intensity. The effect is heightened with an array of spooky vocals and effects, and ‘Fault Finder’ takes no prisoners – prepare to get deep down and dirty.

Dousk steps forward for the first remix, and the prolific Greek producer cranks the original up to another level. It’s been several years since Dousk provided a remix for Flow, but he’s back with a vengeance as he works some extra funk into the track and gives it a deeper edge.

Why change a winning formula, so Flow have once again commissioned Kassey Voorn and DJ Thomas Turner to provide the second remix following their fantastic version of ‘11315 Days’. They’ve delivered another killer track which is bouncier than the original but still with the same punch. With a rolling groove and enhanced vocals, it’s destined to shake up the dancefloor. Make no mistake, hate is the new love.


  1. I Hate You – Fault Finder (Original Mix)
  2. I Hate You – Fault Finder (Dousk Remix)
  3. I Hate You – Fault Finder (Kassey Voorn & DJ Thomas Turner Remix)