Flow Records Release Info

FLR1433EP - Ben Coda  Thinking of You
  • Release Date: December 15 2014
  • Catalogue Number: FLR1433EP
  • Style: Progressive house, techno
  • Format: Digital
  • Type: EP
  • Distribution: Proton Music

FLR1433EP - Ben Coda Thinking of You

Ben Coda returns to Flow Records with another massive EP, Thinking of you combine some serious fat bass lines and big synth stab melodies to make this a powerful main room dancefloor monster.
Redshift takes a more tougher approach with a rolling moroder type bassline and a percussive acidish pattern, all along, its powerful roller.


Dominik Mai (Progressive-World.at) - Redshift for me, big groove!
Ramiro Puente - awesome, love it!
Aden - Redshift has very tasty grooves.  Instant favourite ! Go Flow go !
Serge Que (Monaque) (Get Physical, microCastle) - thnks
Steve Marx (Minsitry Of Sound, Loop Music, The Chinese Laundry) - Redshift for me thanks
Mitch alexander (microCastle) - rocking stuff from Ben, liking the b-side cut the best.
Micheldehey (Hey! Muzik) - Nice, redshift for me
Luis Bondio (Renaissance/Hope/Sudbeat/microCastle/Classound) - good music
Eve Falcon(Evocative / Proton) - love them! another stellar release from Flow. :)
The Wash (progressive-world.at) - both tracks are quite nice!
Graziano Raffa (Sudbeat) - good grooves, will try out
Chicola (Sudbeat-Lost&Found-Lowbit-Proton) - Nice Ep Thanks

and many more…


  1. Ben Coda – Thinking of you (Original Mix)
  2. Ben Coda – Redshift (Original Mix)