Flow Records Release Info

FLR1534EP - Weekend Heroes EP
  • Release Date: March 02 2015
  • Catalogue Number: FLR1534EP
  • Style: Progressive House
  • Format: Digital
  • Type: EP
  • Distribution: Proton

FLR1534EP - Weekend Heroes EP

Felix Nagorsky and Eli Balstan make up the Weekend Heroes production duo and are best known for their work on Iboga Records and Toolroom. Their career began in 2009 with a string of releases on Echoes and Plastik Park which caught the attention of John OO Fleming who then asked them to remix his ‘JAWA’ single which was released on JOOF in January of 2010. The next five years has seen the Israeli duo add over 200 releases to their discography and their debut single for Flow Records looks to be one of their best yet. The Weekend Heroes sound has gone through a variety of subtle style shifts over the years but the duos crunchy energetic combination of Trance, Techno and Progressive House has remained a favourite on the European festival circuit. ‘Secret Society’ finds Felix and Eli with one of the funkiest creations of their career. Rolling beats, cavernous bass swells and crisp complement of percussion makes for a big first act. The main break showcases a sinister sounding vocal sample along with a sequence of metallic keys. A foundation of subtle chord changes then lays the groundwork for a bouncy second half where all the elements come together for a pretty epic finish. Great club track from Weekend Heroes. The lone interpretation of ‘Secret Society’ is provided by Khen who is making his first appearance on Flow Records. The Israeli producer has grown into a favourite of mine in recent years and 2014 marked several amazing moments, with an appearance on Hernan Cattaneo’s ‘Balance 026′ compilation and a five track EP on Sudbeat Music being the most prominent. Khen’s most recent production found him reinventing Will Atkinson’s 140 BPM trance stormer ‘Sharpshooter’ into a slice of lush progressive house, it conveyed the emotion from the original in a cool, refined way and was a remix choice I absolutely applaud. For his ‘Secret Society’ interpretation Khen has taken the crunchy, rhythmic appeal of the original and remade it over top of a much deeper and more engaging foundation. Marked by rough stabs, textural electronics and a rising atmospheric tension the piece flows with an effortless flair to the main break. The techno tinged percs and granular effects give it a unique feel and while it’s got a big presence it maintains a cool and classy vibe. Already a favourite of Cid Inc., Guy J and Guy Mantzur it gets what is sure to be the best year of Khen’s career off to a great start. Highly Recommended.



Guy J (Bedrock, Lost & Found) - Khen all the way thnx
RICH CURTIS (Sudbeat, Proton, Replug) - mix is wicked! Very dark
Beckers - Cool Khen Remix…
Alex Nemec (Mirabilis, Tronic, Respekt, Rekluse, Flow Vinyl, Baroque - Khen remix is dope!
Dale Middleton (Sudbeat/Parquet/SexOnWax) - Khen has got it grooving here, really good work! Support
Paco Osuna (Plus 8) - Will try thanks ;)
GSEP (Soulfire, Whose Haus, Sleepless Nights Recordings, IRV Music, Se) -Khen’s mix is wicked, Org is really good also. Thanks
Guy Mantzur (Sudbeat /Plattenbank/Flow/Lost &Found) - Been playing khen’s remix for long time works amazing every time , love the original as well
Darin Epsilon (Perspectives | Sudbeat | Renaissance | Hope | Armada | Perfecto ) - Khen remix would work the best for my sets.
Chicola (Sudbeat-Lost&Found-Lowbit-Proton) - K H E N!
Mitch alexander (microCastle) - Khen is the man, he killed this remix, like it alot, will review and ask Khen for what’s In Your Box feature.
Tim Penner (Konstrukt, Sudbeat, Proton) - Khen’s track is brilliant as always. Love this one. Deep, groovy, sexy. Will be playing this.
The Wash (progressive-world.at) - khen is on an amazing trip! Totally in love with his mix
Paul Hazendonk (Manual Music) - Khen is really on fire latelyHerc Kass (FutureForm Aus) - both versions are great
Aldrin (OneWithMusic, SICC, Hu’u, Zouk) - Khen’s remix might work for my sets.
Kenny Substance (Pure Substance / Redflux Cinnabar / Ohrwurm KL) - both dope!
Lonya (Sudbeat, Asymmetric, Parquet, Flow) - full support amigos!
Sonic Union (Lowbit, Replug, Anjunadeep) - Another killer Flow release! Great original but Khens melodic twist just gives it that edge! Love it!
Facundo Mohrr (Suara, Tronic, Sudbeat, Sprout, Stripped) - remix for me, thanks
Gab Rhome/Get Physical [Ibiza Global Radio] - nice work
Sezer Uysal aka Spennu (MOS, Loco Records) - Original mix great, thanks!
Mental X (SOG Rec / Swiss National Radio DRS VIRUS) - i like both! Thanks
Stas Drive (Sudbeat, Hope, MicroCastle, Lost & Found, Flow) - Original are nice, but Khen on fire here! Love his remix!
DJ Slater (Tribal Vision Records) - original for me, great stuff!
Cid Inc (Replug/Sudbeat/Microcastle) - Khen deliver like always, support! Original is good too
Nick Clarke (Eggworm Tokyo) - original for me…
Jesse Kuch - The original mix is huge as always… really fat. But the remix has that groove :) Nice work.
Serge Que (Monaque) (Get Physical, microCastle) - Khen remix :)
Amber Long (Sudbeat, Perfecto, Plattenbank) - loving khen’s remix, thanks!
Nori (posivision, wax poetics japan) - Groovy!!
Aden (Flow rec.) - Both mixes are really good. Khen’s mix is powerful and compelling.
Pedro Aguiar (Lost & Found/microCastle) - Both original and remix are spot on. Awesome job!
G-Mohris (Per-vurt, Moonbeam, Baroque, Magik Muzik) - Original is nice and i love Khen’s mix, he is doing very well!
Blue Amazon (Convert Recordings) - Fantastic. Both mixes are great. Slightly favour (Khen Late Night Remix)
Tongue and Groove - Great E.P. Awesome groove on the Original and the remix is great too. Would play both at the right times. Another great Weekend Heroes release
XV Kilist (Iboga) - Original for me

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  1. Weekend Heroes – Secret Society (Original)
  2. Weekend Heroes – Secret Society (Khen Late Night Remix)