Flow Records Release Info

FLR1529CDig - Billion Dollar Brain Remixed
  • Release Date: June 08 2015
  • Catalogue Number: FLR1529CDig
  • Style: Techno, Progressive
  • Format: Digital
  • Type: Album
  • Distribution: Proton

FLR1529CDig - Billion Dollar Brain Remixed

After the success of their top 10 album ‘The Billion Dollar Brain,’ Nanoplex have selected some of their favourite artists to provide a set of stunning remixes of tracks from the album. From the deep vibes of Treavor Moontribe’s take on ‘Sofa Surfer’, through to the rolling techno of Neurodriver’s hard hitting remix of ‘Der Plucke’, the remixes cross the dance music spectrum. Nanoplex has always been about quality, but at the same time diversity. The remix album is an extension of this, as different artists take on the forward thinking Nanoplex sound.
Nanoplex is the new live project from two of the pioneers of the UK progressive techno sound, Ben Coda & DJ Ipcress.
Ben Coda needs little introduction, his tech-prog sound crosses boundaries - tough beats and rolling basslines contrast with soaring melodies, fusing his love of the tougher sounds of techno and tech house with classic progressive house. With a busy international schedule, Coda is taking his sound to the masses.
DJ Ipcress has risen from the underground dance scene in the UK and over the last 5 years has taken his dark edged techno sound across Europe and the world. Fusing techno and house, with a deep minimal groove, a partnership with Ben Coda was always going to produce a slick future techno sound.





  1. Nanoplex – Binary Awaking (D-Sens Sunrise Remix)
  2. Nanoplex - V.I. (One Million Toys Remix)
  3. Nanoplex - V.I. (Matan Caspi Remix)
  4. Nanoplex - Sofa Surfer (T.M.T. Remix)
  5. Nanoplex - Sofa Surfer (Navarro Remix)
  6. Nanoplex - Der Plucke (Neurodriver Remix)
  7. Nanoplex - Der Plucke (Excession Remix)
  8. Nanoplex - Another Crap Rave (Vazik Remix)
  9. Nanoplex - The Collector (Diogo Ribeiro Remix)
  10. Neurodriver & Nanoplex - Technocat (Ettica Remix)
  11. Nanoplex – Bez (Ben Coda's Tunnel Mix)