Flow Records Release Info

FLR1536EP - Kasall & Cristian R. - Eastern Sound EP
  • Release Date: April 13 2015
  • Catalogue Number: FLR1536EP
  • Style: Techno, Progressive
  • Format: Digital
  • Type: EP
  • Distribution: Proton

FLR1536EP - Kasall & Cristian R. - Eastern Sound EP

We are always glad to bring new talents on board and this is no exception.
Flow is back with the talented Kasall & Cristian R. who deliver three sublimely cool tracks.
The first track Eastern Sound, is a deep punchy voyage with sci-fi style effects, creates a mystifying galactic soundscape, transporting your mind to another galaxy, while still keeps its feet firmly on the dance floor.
‘Motion’ is next with its dreamy pads layering the crisp techno beats, while subtle melodics intersperse adding a lighter tone in the drop, before the pressure builds and we slam back to a serious workout of coolness.
Closing the EP is the excellent ‘Thought’, a fantastic emotive gem, intense and mood building, and one to pick up the vibe and cause a bit of a mayhem, while still remaining deep throughout.


Jamie Stevens (Chameleon|Bedrock) - Big sounds here! slamming! Thought just comes out on top.
Cid Inc (Replug/Sudbeat/Microcastle) - Very good, full support
James Monro (4DA/Bedrock/Renaissance) - All of em doing the do..cracking ep! thnx
Facundo Mohrr (Suara, Tronic, Sudbeat, Sprout, Stripped) - Not For Me
RICH CURTIS (Sudbeat, Proton, Replug) - Motion is a stormer, will play it for sure
Mat D-sens (Bus /Baroque/Flow/Miniatures) - Thanks! Downloading for D-sens@bus-records .
Barry Jamieson (circular sounds) - Trk 3 is stomping.
Marco Carola (Music On) - downloading for marco carola, thanks
Fady Ferraye (Hurly Burly,B018,Audio Therapy) - Nice ep
Amber Long (Sudbeat, Perfecto, Plattenbank) - Kasall & Cristian R. - loving their work! Thanks for all.
Kosmas (Sudbeat, Get Physical, Akbal Music, FriskyRadio) - Nice release, thanks for sending.
Daniel Mehes (Phobiq, Rhythm Converted) - Actually this is really solid, great quality. Thnx
Marcelo Vasami (Subtract/Replug) - Great release, thanks!
Vazik (Sounds Of Earth / Flash Recordings /) -Great sound all over, thx
Montero - Motion for the darker dancefloor
Dale Middleton (Sudbeat/Parquet/SexOnWax) - Really really like all 3 here! big support from me
Santiago Garcia (Renaissance, microCastle, Clarisse) - Thanks i will try
Praveen Achary (Juicebox / Replug / Outside The Box / Perspectives Digital / Mir) - Beast of an EP! All 3 hit the spot.
Götzlich (Switchbox) (Ellum / Sprout) - Good Stuff. ;) Thanks Eastern Sound is great and Thought is solid, I’m enjoying this release, thank you!
,Andy Moor (AVA Recordings) - wicked
Tini Tun (We Are Here Music / Twilo NYC / Mexico) - Great stuff. Eastern Sound and Motion are good. Thanks!
Nori (posivision, wax poetics japan) - neo trance!
Ben Coda (Flow, Tribal Vision, Iboga) - these are sounding wicked
Global Dance Session - Some real nice work here! Impressed
Max Graham (Cycles Radio) - Downloading for Max Graham, please check Cycles Radio for support. Thanks
Serge Que (Monaque) (Get Physical, microCastle) - good
DJ 19 (19BOX RECORDINGS) - Motion is my fave.
Sonic Union (Lowbit, Replug, Anjunadeep) - the guys are on fire!! another top EP here! can definitely see myself playing all three with ‘thought’ being my fave I think after first listen!
Hes (Tronic, SCI+TEC,Bedrock) - Not For Me
Marc Poppcke (Crossfrontier Audio / Last Night On Earth) - Eastern Sound for me!
Era Aviner (Efge events -Antwerp) - Very nice release! Will try it out!
Darin Epsilon (Perspectives | Sudbeat | Renaissance | Hope | Armada | Perfecto ) - Eastern Sound is my pick here : )
Stas Drive (Sudbeat, Hope, MicroCastle, Flow) - Very nice release guys! Will try next weekend, thanks
Eve Falcon (Evocative / Proton) - all 3 are perfection
Luis Bondio (Renaissance/Hope/Sudbeat/microCastle/Classound) - great stuff!
Graziano Raffa (Sudbeat) - Top notch stuff!
Soulwerk (Proton, Replug, Mooseeka, Change Audio) - Great one!! Thanks
Herc Kass (FutureForm Aus) - solid grooves
Chicola (Sudbeat-Lost&Found-Lowbit-Proton) - Motion is great


  1. Kasall & Cristian R - Eastern Sound (Original Mix)
  2. Kasall & Cristian R - Motion (Original Mix)
  3. Kasall & Cristian R - Thought (Original Mix)