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Hux Flux

The story of Hux-Flux started back in 1998 when Dennis Tapper started making music after some lifechanging visits to the legendary kilsbergen trancepartys outside Örebro, Sweden, where he also lived at the time. After a few releases on his own, including the hit “Time slices”, Dennis started to work with Jonas Petterson (a.k.a Tranan) and they produced the the now classic album “Cryptic Crunch” together.

After returning from a half year trip to Asia, Dennis relocated to Stockholm and started producing with his long time friend Henric Fietz. Their work resulted in some killer classics, like “Idiot” and “Bring your own BIOS”, as well as the album “Division by Zero”. Dennis also produced tracks under the name Hux-Flux on his own during this time, some examples of this work are the dancefloor hits “Reflux” and “Equivalent Equations”. .

After long silence their back with amazing new materials - combining new tricks, genres, and, skills while keeping the old skool sounds in every tune. Hux Flux upcoming album “Circle, Sine, Sound” will be out soon on Hyperflow Records.

  Hux Flux - Somnambulant by Hux Flux Official

  Hux Flux - Tarantula 2012 by Hux Flux Official

——- Upcoming Gigs———

1st June@ Psychedelic Station, Slovenia
15th June @ Exodus festival - Macedonia (CANCELLED)
16th June @ Mishpuha, Open air, Israel
18th June @ Club, Israel (TBC)
22 June 2012 @ Midsommarvals, Sweden
20-23 July 2012 @ SOL Festival, Spain
27th July @ Metsäfestiwal, Finland
28th July @ Blå lagunen, Sweden
August 2012 @ Australia (TBC)
23rd - 26th Aug 2012 @ Gaea festival, Greece
14th -16th Sept @ Children of the future, Austria

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