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The duo Ibojima nowdays consists of Mathias Andersson & Olle Thulin who joined the summer of 2007. Both have been established DJ’s for over a decade, mainly focused on electronic-music.

Mathias Andersson has been spinning music all around the globe as Ibojima. From Citys like, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Brussel, Amsterdam, Vienna, Zurich, Moscow, Lisboa, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Madrid, NewYork, Osaka, Tokyo, & more. Olle Thulin might better be known as part of the duo Mekano from Sweden(with Per Thuresson) wich was a very successful project between 1998 and 2003 with several releases in lables like Resonoise, Zenon, Dj Bims Medium & more.

Mathias is also the guy behind the very new and fresh sound named Jetlag. The first Jetlag debute release was in Iboga Records 2007. ??Another very funky and intressting sound is the new formed project named DuoTekk wich is a collaboration between Mathias and Jonas Pettersson (Tranan) aka Logic Bomb. ??
Mathias have another side project aswell toghter with Erik Nilsson named S.O.S (Sounds Of Science) wich you will hear alot from in the near future. ?

?Olle makes a project named Thulo, a very intressting minimal techy project. There are some releases in progress to be notifyed about here soon. ??
And something to definetely count on in the near future is the minimal & sexy sound, the Night Clang Symphony. Wich is a collaboration with our best friend and close brother Zoran Zallar.

  Ibojima - Land Of Imagination (Master) by Ibojima

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