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Disco Hooligans - Beat The Box
  • Release Date: February 04 2012
  • Catalogue Number: HF001EP
  • Style: Psy trance, Neo goa
  • Format: Digital
  • Type: EP
  • Distribution: Beatport, Ingrooves

Disco Hooligans - Beat The Box

Disco hooligans are two old friends (Jordan & Nectar) that share a passion for psy-trance. Met more than a decade ago on the psychedelic dance floors and after many years of partying across the globe, we’ve finally started to produce our own tunes, at the beginning of 2008. Inspired by the raw psychedelic riffs of the good old days, yet adding a twist of tomorrow’s production techniques. Influenced by the likes of Kox Box, Etnica, Dado, Tristan, Dino, Bamboo Forest, X-Dream, Transwave, Total Eclipse, Logic Bomb, Cydonia… to name but a few. We hope for you to join us in this journey.

Artwork by: Alexandros Tsorbatzis

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  1. Beat The Box
  2. Man's Mind
  3. Like Chocolate
  4. Clear Skies