Hyperflow Release Info

Ibojima - Analog Superhero
  • Release Date: July 27 2011
  • Catalogue Number: HFL1CD003
  • Style: psy trance, progressive, chill
  • Format: CD & Digital
  • Type: Album
  • Distribution: Psyshop, Ingrooves

Ibojima - Analog Superhero

Mathias Andersson, half of Duotekk (TIP Records) and Nord (Iboga Records) along with Jonas ‘Tranan’ Pettersson more know as Logic Bomb, joined forces with Olle Thulin, and after some years touring all over the world and releasing tracks with respected labels such as Spintwist, Hyperflow, Dream Vision Media, YSE, Planet B.E.N, to name just a few, finally release their second full length album ‘Analog Superhero’.

In this album the boys cooked up 10 tracks that represent the true sound of Ibijima. Be prepared to fly trough a dreamy landscape, your soul refreshed by some epic melodies, as warm basses feed your body and your mind dives into a sea of joy, a genuine psychedelic experience breaking boundaries, while staying connected to the native roots.


  1. Analog Superhero
  2. To the moon
  3. Time Travel (feat. Re:Actor)
  4. Ghost Tone
  5. Other Worlds
  6. Morning Orchestra
  7. Catch
  8. Mekatropian
  9. S-Range - Space (Ibojima Remix)
  10. Land of Imagination