Hyperflow Release Info

V/A- Lift Off
  • Release Date: December 01 2005
  • Catalogue Number: hf01
  • Style: psy trance, full on
  • Format: CD
  • Type: Compilation
  • Distribution: Arabesque

V/A- Lift Off

Lift Off is the first instalment of the brand new Hyperflow records, psy trance sub label from Flow records.
Nine new, fresh, previously unreleased tracks were chosen by Diogo, one of the boys behind this project, who picked up some serious blasters from all across the globe.
Energetic psychedelic music is what you can expect from this compilation, movers and groovers that will fit perfectly in any party – from dark, night music till melodic morning stompers, it´s all there!!
Music for your body and soul!


  1. Broken Toy-uh oh
  2. Basic-basic technologies
  3. Elec3-exchange
  4. ManMadeMan-cromatic 2005 edit
  5. Bio-Tonic-just a dream(black series pt2)
  6. Aphid Moon-protocol
  7. Man With No Name-string theory
  8. Rinkadink and Mike Modular-blacklight star
  9. Dizzy Mind-scream for more