Hyperflow Release Info

V/A- In Orbit
  • Release Date: August 01 2008
  • Catalogue Number: hf02
  • Style: psy trance, full on
  • Format: CD
  • Type: Compilation
  • Distribution: Arabesque

V/A- In Orbit

After “Lift Off” Hyperflow is now airborne and is happy to announce her second installment – “In Orbit”.
Once again Diogo picked up nine psychedelic tracks from all over the globe, from morning uplifting tunes to some mental energetic night tracks, all of them already tested and aprooved in global dance floors by some of the top dj´s in the scene.
From well know established names to some newcomers, you can find tracks from projects like Orion (a milestone on this scene,no need for introduction, that states his presence under a Ibojima rmx ) E-jekt vs Techtonic (Techtonic is the new israeli project from Amos, ex-member of top band X-Noise), Black and White (one of the biggest promises to come out of Israel in the last years, directly from the Hommega rooster), Elec3 (once again the boys deliver a fine piece of music on their unique style, after the sucessfull álbum in Turbo Trance), Orbital Vision (Brasillien duo from Rio de Janeiro, from Alchemy records artist team), Brain Damage (young artist from the holyland, with already some tracks released in labels such as Utopia, Psytropic, Y.S.E, Spliff music, Trancelucent to name a few – keep one eye in this guy, serious psychedelic music), Interactive (from Brasil, this guys are spreading their music all over the globe, appearing in some of the hottest compilations from labels like the mitic Transient, Crystal Matrix, Medium, Turbo Trance and YSE – pure uplifting psychedelic material), Ecliptic the top notch Mexican producers, which are now performing on all the top festivals worlwide and 2Hi, the project of Marcelo VOR and Vibra, so, once again a marvelous compilation!!!

A perfect compilation for the festivals season – out this spring in the usual places and also available in digital download format.


  1. Ecliptic – No Brain
  2. 2HI – Magnetic Head
  3. Interactive - Euphoria
  4. E-Jekt vs Techtonic - Mellanova
  5. Elec3 – Abstracted Mind
  6. Black & White – Streets of Venus
  7. Orbital Vision – The Divine
  8. Orion – Groove Control (Ibojima Rmx)
  9. Brain Damage – Super Computer