Flow Records Release Info

FLR1535EP - James Monro - Solo EP
  • Release Date: March 30 2015
  • Catalogue Number: FLR1535EP
  • Style: Progressive, Techno, Trance
  • Format: Digital
  • Type: EP
  • Distribution: Proton

FLR1535EP - James Monro - Solo EP

Flow Records returns once again with a release from one of his favourite djs, James Monro the king of hypnotic psychedelia is back, and he gives an opportunity for all those who still associate psychedelia with lots a noises and scratches to realize there are other intense realms. That the psychedelic can lye in techno, tech house, progressive and trance, in those little almost unnoticed things and sounds. The tracks here are totally hypnotic and monotone, while at the same time packed with feel, and changing and evolving all the time in the little things.
Solid State Dub version starts off with a deep techno groove and slowly evolves into a bass rumbler.
Solid State Trance version brings James back into the energetic festival rhythms by creating a magical journey, always changing, always twisting, always a ride.
To complete this release Solo, filled with futuristic progressive atmospheres combined with techno, prog house. Cutting edge music, with the goal of maintaining the scene alive and fresh, keeping it always dancefloor orientated.


Nick Warren (Hope Recordings, Way out West) - Fine work from James as usual
Rich Curtis (Sudbeat, Proton, Replug) - Dub mix for me! Great sounds
Khen (Sudbeat, Plattenbank) - Dub mix is massive! Thanks
Dale Middleton (Sudbeat/Parquet/SexOnWax) - Huge tracks, may try solo out!
Paco Osuna (Plus 8) - Will try thanks ;)
Aden (Flow rec.) - Solid state dub way for me. Thanks. Great to see the Rhino master on Flow.
Pim Sql (SQL) - Both cool tracks! Will test em out
Tini Tun (We Are Here Music / Twilo NYC / Mexico) - Good music here. Dub for me. Thanks!
Anthony Pappa - dub mix is cool
Ben Coda (Flow, Tribal Vision, Iboga) - Sounding great!
Eelke Kleijn (Outside the Box) - Dub is cool!
Nori (posivision, wax poetic japan) - Thank you.
Stas Drive (MicroCastle, Hope, Sudbeat,Flow) - Dub for sure!!
Sonic Union (Lowbit, Replug, Anjunadeep) - Solid state (dub) works well, solo really nice peak time energetic! Might try this weekend!
Paul Oakenfold (Perfecto) - Thanks!
Eve Falcon (Evocative / Proton) - Every track james creates is quality and these are no exception! Thanks
Luis Bondio (Renaissance/Hope/Sudbeat/microCastle/Classound) - Dub for me
Graziano Raffa (Sudbeat) - Dub mix is cool
Soulwerk (Proton, Replug, Mooseeka, Change Audio) - Superb!!
Chicola (Sudbeat-Lost&Found-Lowbit-Proton) - Dub Is Dope!
Praveen Achary (Juicebox / Replug / Outside the Box / Perspectives Digital / Mir) - Sick Dub mix and even Solo!
Serge Que (Monaque) (Get Physical, microCastle) - Nice
Lonya Sudbeat, Asymmetric, Parquet, Flow) - Will play the dub ’ support
Markus Schulz (Coldharbour | GDJB)
Gabi Von Dub - What to say? James at his best
Dousk - Thank you!
Bart Cruz (Da Providers (Promotion), Feed Me Records) - Nicely done, Jimmy!
Götzlich (Switchbox) (Ellum / Sprout) – Coolio, driving and grooving. Thanks.
Tash (Movement(Tribal Vision, Vapour, Iboga, Flow) - Superb pack!!
Twofold (Twofold) - Very nice! “Solo” is my favourite. Thanks!
Manu (Boom Festival / Soniculture) - Great dub mix James! You rock!
Mitch alexander (microCastle) - Always love James’ productions, I still in fact have a Flying Rhino record bag somewhere. :) The Dub mix is huge, really like it.
Supercozi (Zen Lemonade) - Brilliant groove as usual James. Thanks!!!
Kenny Substance (Pure Substance / Redflux Cinnabar / Ohrwurm KL) - love the dub mix!
The Wash (progressive-world.at) - the dub is quite cool. Thanks!
Mental X (SOG Rec / Swiss National Radio DRS VIRUS) - Very cool, thanks
Sezer Uysal aka Spennu (Suara, Hope Recordings) - Will try it out, thanks!
Manuel Lobo (Wolf Music) - “Solo” for me. Thanks!
Ramiro Puente - Nice will play!
Simon Baring (Neon, Nano, Twisted) - Dub mix or Solo for me… probably Solo… fat and warm!  :) 

Preview here…


  1. James Monro – Solid State (Original Dub Mix)
  2. James Monro – Solid State (Original Trance Mix)
  3. James Monro – Solo (Original Mix)